2022 Chinese New Year Outfits We’ve Assembled Based On Your Zodiac Animal

The Season of Happiness and Prosperity is here! We are back again with all our favorite things this Lunar New Year – multiple red packets, an overload of yummy pineapple tarts (among other goodies), hotpot after hotpot with the family, and of course, putting together stellar outfits for that on point OOTD !

As we usher in the ferocious Year of the Tiger, we have assembled some of the brightest, and what we think best suits your individual zodiac animal, Whether you’re a diligent Ox, Energetic Dragon or Caring Pig.

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Presenting: 2022 Chinese New Year Outfits we;ve assembled based on your Zodiac Animal!

The Ambitious Rat

If you are a fellow rat (like me), then you probably heard how you can be rather sneaky (considering we made use of the Ox to win the Emperor’s Race). Well turns out, us rats can be pretty intelligent, talkative and ambitious human beings!

Bring about that subtle confidence with the Leah Eyelet Dress from Soon Lee that adds the perfect pop of color for this festive occasion. We put it together with the Quilted Shoulder Bag from Mango, Watt Robin Heels from Pomelo and 925 Silver Birthstone Huggie Toppers from By Invite Only (Choose the color based on your Birth Month!)

The Reliable Ox

Those born in the year of the ox are your most trustworthy pals. They are your absolute go-to when you need them because of how reliable they can be. Which is why the ideal outfit for an ox, is something that is reliable, easy and effortless – much like the The Texture Resort Dress from Soon Lee in a bright and auspicious red, together with the Tynee Handbag (Caramel) and Brown Lindi Sandals from Pomelo, and By Invite Only’s Gold Marquise Moonstone Studs. Sturdy, comfortable and definitely a reliable outfit.

The Confident Tiger

This year it is all about you! Tiger’s are as confident as they come, and their bravado is seen in admiration by everyone around them. Their Lunar New Year outfit is no different.

This Wrap Dress from Something Borrowed is something only Tiger can pull off! Paired with a subtle Gold Love Knot Necklace from By invite Only and staple Dr Marten’s (ZALORA) this outfit is sure to ooze so much confidence, which is no surprise for a Tiger.

The Kind Rabbit

Sweet and kind, artistic and refined – these are just some of the delicate characteristics of those born in the year of the rabbit. We thought the Sorbet Colored Skies Rainbow Cheongsam from Le Chic captured the essence of the rabbit, with its sweet colors and delicate design. We paired it with the Ester Heels from Bilini (ZALORA) and a Pink Lorane Bag from Pomelo.

The Generous Dragon

The Mighty Dragons – known for bringing the ‘Huat’ to every party, with their indescribable energy that the people around them cannot get enough of! They need an outfit that represents their energetic personality, which is why these funky pants from Pomelo paired with the ZALORA Basic Square Neck Puffed Sleeved Top makes the bold statement we know a dragon would love.

We put this outfit together with the iconic XS dumpling bag from Beyond The Vines – the perfect size for red packets and mandarin oranges, and the 925 Silver Link Studs from By invite Only.

The Wise Snakes

Those born in the year of the snake are the wisest of us all, but do not mistake them for being conservative and shy. They are just as much the life of the party as a dragon, but with an added alluring appeal.

We thought this Printed Short Dress from Mango (ZALORA) would be perfect for them, along with these fun Veja Urca CWL sneakers (ZALORA), classy jewelery from By Invite Only and Goldheart and a Bucket Hat from COS Stores (ZALORA).

The Independent Horse

People born in the year of the horse are all about living life on their own terms without letting anyone define who they are or what they should be doing.

A statement dress is what these horses need – like this Short Utility Jumpsuit from Beyond The Vines, coupled with chunky New Balance sneakers (ZALORA) and a trusty crochet bag from Mango (ZALORA) to carry all the Lunar New Year essentials, not forgetting a couple of mandarin oranges.

The Creative Goat

Those born in the year of the goat possess a rather relaxed outlook on life, but can blow your mind with their creativity and intelligence.

The perfect relaxed outfit for goat’s looks something like this – the Pleat Detail V Neck Dress from Beyond The Vines, the Micro Beyond the Vines Dumpling Bag in Red and Cream Galiano Heels from Bilini (ZALORA). A pop of color in the most subtle way.

The Optimistic Monkey

Those born in the year of the Monkey are all about ridding off the negative nellies, and focusing solely on the positives – making them great people to be around, especially during the Lunar New Year

Monkey’s deserves an outfit that reflects the light they give off to the people around them! Much like this Yellow Floral Mandarin Collar Dress from Pomelo, along with a classic Kate Spade Crossbody in white (ZALORA), Aeyde Leather Slide Flats (Luisaviaroma) and the K-Style Diamond Bracelet from Goldheart.

The Adventurous Rooster

Rooster’s are all about adventure! With the pandemic hindering their ability to travel, they find the beauty in other things – maybe even putting together a bright and fun outfit for the New Year.

This bright orange Cotton Dress from Mango (ZALORA) makes for such a statement piece, but roosters will not stop there. We paired this orange dress with a loud purple Crossbody from Kate Spade (ZALORA) and refined jewelery from By Invite Only to really compliment this very bold outfit (Gold Triple Stacking Ring and the Gold Vermeil Speakeasy Necklace.)

The Trustworthy Dog

If there was anyone you could trust with your life, it would be someone born in the year of the dog. We thought this Sunshine Floral Dress from Le Chic was perfect, together with the 925 Silver Full Cubic Huggies from By Invite Only and Freeya Heels from Pomelo.

The Caring Pig

Last but not least, let’s give some love to those born in the year of the pig! Selfless and oh so generous individuals who show so much care and concern for the people they love.

Pretty in pink with this gorgeous Frilled Dress from Mango (ZALORA) together with Nanushka Valerie Faux Leather Shoulder bag (Luisaviaroma) for a pop of orange, Rugby Cushioned Sandals from Pomelo and finishing off with the Gold Madeline Moonstone Ring from By Invite Only.

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We hope this entry was helpful in deciding what to wear this Lunar New Year! Here’s wishing you all the luck and happiness this Year of the Tiger!

Till next time,

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