2023 Little Mermaid Box Office Bubbles Over $400 Million in 2 Weeks, Forget China!

With all the haters it is hard to believe that Princess Ariel and friends have literally only been in theaters for just 2 weeks. After only three days of release, tons of negative propaganda began to hit for no good reason. However, it’s nice to actually see how the film is performing. The 2023 Little Mermaid Box Office bubbles over $400 million leaving major naysayers drowning in their own tears. Too bad lol.

The film is very entertaining, and anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see it, really should! The songs are great. The effects are cool. And miss Halle Bailey delivers one amazing performance.

Moreover, don’t just take our word for it. Audiences everywhere are straight up loving Disney’s latest live action masterpiece. For example, on Rotten Tomatoes, the film so far is receiving an audience score of 94%. Therefore, it is safe to say, plenty of people like it.

Nonetheless, the negative remarks are coming from outside of the US anyway. What’s the deal? Well, the film is not performing as well in Korea or China; so many are using these two countries as an indication of failure. However, a film that rakes in over $400 million in just 14 days is not something to dismiss.

It starts to look silly for people to be so judgmental over a kids movie that was barely in theaters for a few days. Usually, people wait till after a movie’s entire release run. Moreover, at over $400 million, it’s basically like so far, The Little Mermaid is making $200 million a week. And Disney is not complaining. Not a single bit.

2023 Little Mermaid Box Office Bubbles Over $400 Million in 2 Weeks, Forget China!

So where, does the film stand now? Numbers are still coming in from the weekend, but as of now it’s at $416 million. very good.

What’s extremely funny, is if you Google about this weekend’s box office battle between Spider-Man and Transformers and the headlines praises Transformers’ $60 million domestic debut. Using words as “solid,” “conquers” and “pounces.” Keep in mind Little Mermaid opened with $117 million domestically.

Yahoo News! went on to say that Spider-Man and Transformers are giving the box office what it needs right now. But isn’t that a movie that made over $400 million in 14 days? It’s beginning to feel comical lol.

However, this just goes to show that some narratives are created just to be negative. Moreover, The Little Mermaid is on the brink of another achievement that will officially end all of this nonsense anyway. We’ll share that cool fun fact with you all next week.

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