Best Men’s Clothing Brands for the Office in 2023

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Getting dressed for the office once required a lot of extra work and sacrifice. Maintaining the best work clothes for men usually entailed weekly trips to the dry cleaners, ironing dress shirts only for them to get wrinkled while commuting, and wearing stiff dress pants and uncomfortable shoes — just some of the regular annoyances of the past.

But between dress codes becoming more laid back and more flexible work-from-home policies, most people are unwilling to return to the office under the same conditions of formality.

Performance workwear is the best way to maintain a professional appearance while remaining comfortable. Think: stretchy, quick-drying, and moisture wicking dress shirts and suits you’ll never have to dry clean. By shopping performance brands, you can find all the essentials of a regular work wardrobe in much more comfortable materials.

I’ve been testing the performance of workwear brands for about 5 years as a senior style reporter for Insider Reviews, so I know which ones are actually worth it and which ones look cheap. Our list features popular business casual brands like Mizzen+Main and Twillory that have all been tried and tested by me and members of my team.