Emily in Paris star appears at fashion show with ‘bloody’ face

Lucas Bravo

Photo: doc. Getty Images


Lucas Bravo, who plays Gabriel in the Emily in Paris series, made a surprising appearance at the Louis-Gabriel Nouchi fashion show at Paris Fashion Week. His face was covered in blood. But don’t worry, it’s not real blood but a gimmick from the fashion show.

Lucas walked the catwalk stage in a black coat. Behind his coat, the 36-year-old man was wearing a white shirt and silver tie. Walking casually with a mysterious gaze, Lucas looks so handsome.

From the presentation of the fashion show, Lucas’ face was splattered with red liquid on his face as if it were blood. As quoted from Page Six, the designer was inspired by the novel by Bret Easton Ellis entitled ‘American Psycho’.

The opponent playing Lily Collins looks macho with sleek hair slicked back. Even with the blood splattered effect on his face, Lucas was successful in giving color to the fashion show.

Lucas Bravo became a rising star actor after his acting in Emily in Paris. His role as Gabriel successfully stole attention. His handsome face, his romance with Emily (Lily Collins) and a chef make the audience lulled by his charisma.

Lucas was even dubbed the ‘heart thief man’. But he did not justify the label.

“When you think the word ‘thief of hearts’ and people summarize it as healthy, handsome, macho body, and I’m not that,” said Lucas Bravo, as quoted from People.

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