Everything to Know +Tutorial and Styling Inspo!

You have seen it all over your TikTok feed. You have probably also noticed it in plenty of YouTube and Instagram video tutorials. Yes, French Curl Braids are THE style to look fabulous and stylish all season long!

Nevertheless, you may be wondering what are French Curl Braids? As any hair enthusiast knows, there are many variations of hair braiding. Some are quite similar with slight differences. Well, to put it as simply as possible; this style of hair braids is very similar to goddess braids. They are created just like if you were creating box braids, the only difference is the type of braiding hair that is used.

When it comes to these frenchy curl braids you utilize curly braiding hair. This type of extensions allow for the ends to curl majestically. The wearer gets the best of two worlds; the simplicity of braids with the addition of chic, bouncy curls at the ends.

French Curl Braids: Everything to Know +Tutorial and Styling Inspo!

Since we are on the topic, how do you care for such a hairstyle? First of all, you will want to sleep with a satin pillowcase so that you don’t “rough” up the style. Also, sleeping with the braids gently tucked away in a silk or satin bonnet will help keep the hair looking ‘fresher’ longer.

Moreover, for the health of your own hair as well as your scalp health; regular hair washing is essential. Some feel that braids are such a low maintenance hairstyle that weekly hair washing is unnecessary. However, that is just not true.

Even when your hair is fashioned into braids, your strands need to be clean. why? This is because your hair is still prone to being exposed to dirt, bacteria and build-up. Moreover, without regularly washing and conditioning your scalp and hair, you run the risk of making your hair dry or causing irritation.

Some Fashionable Styling of French Curl Braids

What’s cool about this protective style is that it is far from boring and can work year round! You can dress them up or down and look like the most stunning person in the room. Moreover, they are also perfect for traveling and jet setting vacations!

Furthermore, if you really want to switch up this look try wearing these curl braids in chignons (aka hair buns); ponytails or some up and some down. Also, add in hair color for an even more dramatic dimension to your look.

What or need some ideas? We got you! Here is a little French Braid Curls hair inspiration to get you going and thinking about your personal styling.

Curl Braids- Haircare and Tutorials

So then, how long does this style typically last? We asked around and all of our professional hairstylist friends and buddies basically gave us the same answer. You can expect this hairstyle to last about two months, or 8 weeks.

Moreover, they are all confident that with practice, anyone can do this, recreate this style at home! Therefore, to help you out, we found some videos that teach how to master this hair look.

Below you will find not one, not two, but six tutorials that will help you learn how to part, section, braid and style this hair design. Ready to learn? Great, school is now in session so scroll on down darling!

Braiding and Styling Tutorials

Well there you have it! Several tutorials, styling inspiration and tips to make this fun, cute hairstyle your very own. Have fun with your DIY creativity and be sure to check out our HAIR SECTION for more!

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