Jodie Smith Vanity Fair Party 2023 -What She Said About Her Look!

The Items: Any photos you see of Jodie Smith Vanity Fair Party fashion; and you cannot help but be in awe of this woman’s beauty! Statuesque. Radiantly smooth, ebony skin. And of course, her designer attire is just oozing of couture sophistication and flair.

Even a week later, people are still talking about Jodie’s decadent, sultry gown. As usual, Jodie Smith and her husband, fellow actor, Joshua Jackson; always understand the assignment. And at this year’s Vanity Fair after party they took it up yet another notch!

You Asked: Okay now this is a look!!! 1966 please answer this fashion question! You guys didn’t do your usual Instagram Oscars posts so I’m trying to get a hold of y’all through here. If you see this please tell us who Jodie got on.

Everything is working! She is the moment! I think she has the best look of the night quite frankly. Everyone else is way too naked and exposed. But this right here is fashion!

Jodie Smith Vanity Fair Party 2023 -What She Said About Her Look!

The Verdict: Hello beautiful! We got your DM and yes we will be summing up our coverage on IG soon! Nevertheless, we will be more than happy to answer your fabulous couture question.

For the 2023 Vanity Fair Party, Jodie Smith is a vision in iconic luxury label, GUCCI. The starlet finishes off her look with exquisite jewelry by MESSIKA. Moreover, Mrs. Jackson had a few words on how she felt about her look for this party event. she states,

“I’m so bad at posting, there’s so much in the camera roll from the last few months… but I HAD to stop everything and post [this] magic! WOW! The team truly went off on this!

It’s giving! It’s giving rich! Simply giving!

Mutha’s first time at the vanity fair party and I felt like I was the Oscar! I’m still floating and I don’t know how I’m even awake because I dance till 5am and my feet hate me. It truly takes a village, so thank you Gucci, Wayman and Micah; and my cute date Joshua. And most of all thank you to me because I’m fine as [heck] okay?!”

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