NewJeans ‘Super Shy’ Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

NewJeans recently dropped another MV masterpiece called ‘Super Shy’ that exudes a light-hearted, colorful, and delightful vibe. But don’t let the name fool you – the girls were anything but shy when it came to flaunting their famous and adored sense of style. They showcased a diverse range of cute and feminine fashion choices that captured viewers’ hearts.

With this in mind, keep reading for a closer look at their stunning outfits in ‘Super Shy’!

A Fashion Breakdown On NewJeans' Super Shy MV

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NewJeans’ ‘Super Shy’ MV Fashion

Danielle’s Look #1

Danielle took cuteness to new heights by wearing Lucila Safdie’s candy white tank top and gold leggings, paired with DARED’s Star rivet pleated mini skirt. To complete the look, she adorned her hair with Momentel’s Angel hairpin and donned a pair of shoes from Grounds.

Danielle’s Look #2

Her second ensemble was absolutely jaw-dropping, completed with those stylish Comme Des Garçons x Nike Terminator sneakers.

Hanni’s Look #1

With her stunning looks, Hanni ensured that viewers were left in awe. She matched a candy tank top with a dazzling pair of gold leggings from Lucila Safdie. To complete the look, she added a Star rivet pleated mini skirt from DARED and topped it off with a pair of gray Mary Jane shoes from Jenny Fax and a cute mini flower hair clip from Simone Rocha.

Hanni’s Look #2

Sporting a stylish pair of Terminator high-top sneakers from Comme Des Garçons, Hanni adorned herself with various accessories. She complemented her look with YIEYIE’s dasher heart chain necklace and mermaid tears earrings while adding Momentel’s Angel hairpin to her hair.

Haerin’s Look #1

Showing off her impeccable fashion sense, Haerin creatively layered a white lux halter-neck shirt over a gold candy tank top, both from Lucila Safdie. She took it a step further and layered a modified version of gold leggings from Lucila Safdie under a Star rivet pleated mini skirt from DARED.

Haerin’s Look #2

Her outfit was gorgeous from head to toe, finished off with the stylish Terminator high-top sneakers from Comme Des Garçons. Adding a touch of glamor, Haerin accessorized with the dasher heart chain necklace from YIEYIE.

Minji’s Look #1

Minji kept her outfit simple yet adorable, opting for a cute gold candy tank top by Lucila Safdie paired with a Star rivet pleated mini skirt by DARED. She completed the look with a pair of shoes from Grounds.

Minji’s Look #2

She rocked yet another cute look, showing off the Terminator sneakers from Comme Des Garçons and adding a touch of extra cuteness with love gem earrings from YIEYIE.

Hyein’s Look #1

Hyein shone in gold as she wore a captivating gold candy tank top and gold leggings from Lucila Safdie. Like the other girls, she also wore the stunning Star rivet pleated mini skirt from DARED and nailed her look with black Mary Jane shoes from Jenny Fax.

Hyein’s Look #2

Her distinct style made her stand out in the crowd, as she donned a red cropped logo-print T-shirt by Mowalola, paired perfectly with Terminator high-top sneakers by Comme Des Garçons and a cupids bow necklace by YIEYIE.

Unified Look

Finally, all the group members exuded beauty and harmony with their stylish unified footwear: the Roony Patent Mary Jane shoes from Charles & Keith.

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