Self-Care Gift Guide: A Gift To Yourself

Part three of our gift guide series brings us a little closer to home. With last minute Christmas shopping frenzies on the rise, let’s also remember to check in with ourselves – be mindful of how we feel as we close out yet another year.

With self-care, usually comes simple pleasures – everyday, ordinary pleasantries we tend to overlook, that actually bring about an immense amount of inner joy. In a word, it makes us happy. It could be the sweet smells of a candle, elongated skincare rituals or sipping from a hot cup of coffee on a self-care day out (I personally love a Toastbox Teh C on a rainy day with my laptop).

If that isn’t your cup of tea, we give you a guide on feel-good gifts to gift yourselves – from scents, to glow kits and simple skincare, here is The DC Edit’s Self-Care Gift Guide, curated just for you.

Sweet Scents


These perfumes will make you feel as glorious as they look.

Gucci’s A Gloaming Night Eau De Parfum

Gucci’s A Gloaming Night Eau De Parfum was inspired by those fleeting moments between evening and dusk – of the warm sunset colors in all its glory. With its vintage apothecary packaging, this fragrance is sure to bring your senses to a still life, just like watching a sunset.

Exnihilo’s Fleur Narcotique

Self-care could come in the form of taking a stroll through a flower shop – searching for sweet smelling sprouts to grace the home with. Exnihilo’s Fleur Narcotique could be the answer to all your self-care needs with its peony scented fragrance wrapped in the woods.

Goutal Paris Petite Chérie Eau De Parfum

A treat for twenty-somethings, Goutal Paris Petite Chérie Eau De Parfum encompasses the pure essence of innocent and cheerful youth, with odes to pear, vanilla scents to capture Annick Goutal’s daughter, Camille. In the spirit of the holidays, Petite Chérie comes specially wrapped in a festive gold ribbon.

Calm At Home


Nothing can beat the calming sensation of feel-good aroma at home. (There is a reason why they call it aromatherapy).

The Protector Gift Set

The Protectors gift set by Aesop is one of many curated sets by the brand. It includes:

  1. Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash 500 ml
  2. Post-Poo Drops 100 ml
  3. Cythera Aromatique Room Spray 50 ml

Simple Skincare


Minimalist skincare brand, gives us simple necessities to take care of your skin. Their products are gender neutral, catering to both men and women, subject of course to your specific skin need and type.

Smoothcleans Skincare Set

Morerich Smoothcleans – a gentle skin purifier or makeup remover.

Foaming Facial Cleanser – a soothing cleanser, suitable for use in the morning and at night.

Morerich Essential Lotion – A post cleansing moisturizing lotion to leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. (It contains Pentavitin, meant to protect your skin against dehydration).

All you need is three simple steps to start out with. Once you get into the groove of an everyday skincare routine, don’t be afraid to experiment with serums or skin oils for an added boost. Maybe give the & skin oil from Meet a try, when you’re ready.

Glow From Within


Self-care, as its name suggests, is all about taking care of yourself – inside and out.

Glovida is an online health and beauty store dedicated to restoring your health and wellness, to bring out the inner glow within all of us. (Glovida actually stands for ‘glow in life,’ where vida is life in Spanish). They supply beauty products, a variety of clinic-exclusive health and beauty supplements by brands you might not normally find on this island of ours.

These products from Glovida are set to illuminate the best parts of you not just on the outside, but on the inside too.

Ceramiracle Eye Illuminating Supplement (30 Capsules)

For Bright Eyes:
Formulated with Flowerberry Complex (Chrysanthemum, Wolfberry and Schisandra), Lutein (Known as the ‘eye vitamin’) and Kale, these capsules are set to nourish and revitalize your eyes, and to hopefully recover dreaded ‘panda eyes’. It effectively filters out blue light, improves visual performance and reduces signs of aging.

Aveda Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo

A Detoxified Scalp:
I gave this shampoo a try and immediately fell in love. Its mint formula left me feeling so fresh after a shower, and I could actually feel the cleanliness of my scalp. An added plus is that it smells amazing! A definite in-shower energiser to lift your spirits.

Isoderm Liquid Cleanser

For Soft and Supple Skin:

Bank for your buck cleanser to leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturised – maybe just what you need on a self-care day. Try out the Isoderm liquid cleanser if hydration is what you need.

SkinB5 Acne Control Cleansing Mouse

For Clear Skin:

Formulated with Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Salicylic acid to clear out unwanted acne and control the skin’s oil. *Salicylic acid is a key ingredient in many skincare products dedicated to clearing acne, with its ability to gently remove dead skin cells.

Heliocare Oral (60 Capsules)

Must-have Sun Protection:

A rather unorthodox method of protecting yourself from the sun, but still as effective and maybe even preferred! These capsules are formulated with Fernblock ® technology to protect against harmful UV rays and give the skin a boost to prevent nasty sunburns.

Being the hustlers that we are, sometimes we forget that it is alright to take a break every now and then. Take some time to take care of yourself, and come out feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next big challenge. You got this!


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