#SheByDC: Are Cushion Foundations All It Takes For That Fresh Parisian Glow? We put them to the test with 3 different skin tones

In this month’s #ShebyDC, we invite 3 followers of 3 different skin tones and types to review a line of cushion foundations by Ange Gardien Paris to find out – is cushion foundation all it takes for that fresh Parisian glow?

We talk about a delicate approach to Beauty as taken by French women, where all you need is a luscious coat of mascara, a hint of blush, a light foundation base and a classic red or nude lip – as seen on icons like the French model Camille Rowe and Rouje owner and creative director Jeanne Damas. Ultimately, French Women believe that makeup should not be used to turn yourself into something you’re not, but rather, to elevate your natural and unique features, to look like the best possible version of yourself. Results = an effortless and natural glow, embracing the beauty of your skin for what it is.

Embracing your skin from within then boils down to 2 things; 1. A simple and dedicated skincare routine, and 2. A makeup base that gives you the most beautiful and natural glow. Zooming into the latter, we introduce the 2-in-1 Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation & HD Pressed Powder Duo – a line of cushion foundations dedicated to hydration and natural coverage, anytime and anywhere, by French-inspired beauty brand Ange Garden Paris.

Yasmin: Combination Skin

Yasmin is wearing the Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation in Shade 05,
and the Here’s Proof Volumising Mascara

Yasmin is a first year university student with an avid passion for political science. She has combination skin which means her T-zone can get pretty oily, while the rest of her face can get quite dry. She also tends to get red around her nose from time to time.

“The foundation really gives me such a nice and natural glow and I especially loved that it addressed most of the concerns that I have! It effectively reduces the redness around my nose and my T-zone doesn’t look oily.”

“I usually prefer a lighter foundation base on my day to day – because I am a student and I don’t usually have much time to put on a full face of makeup. The Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation is perfect for that. An added plus is that application is quick and easy, making my makeup routine all the more effortless.”

“I also personally love the Volumising mascara! I think I might make it my next go-to.”

Hazel: Dry and Sensitive Skin

Hazel is wearing the Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation in the Shade 03,
and the Velvet Cloud Lipstick in the shade First Love

“My skin type is typically dry and it can get quite sensitive as well. And because Singapore can get pretty humid, I try not to put on too much makeup – blush and bronzer goes a long way for me. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll add on a touch of mascara and some foundation or concealer.”

“I think the foundation matched my skin really well. It also feels extremely lightweight on my skin so I don’t actually ‘feel’ it on my skin, which is great because I generally don’t like the feeling of too much makeup on my face.”

“I usually stay away from pressed powder for fear it might make my skin even drier than it is – but the Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation and HD Pressed Powder combination worked really well for me! My skin doesn’t look dry at all, so overall it’s a yes to this foundation.”

Brittany: Combination Skin

Brittanie is wearing the Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation in Shade 04,
and the Velvet Cloud Lipstick in the shade Rose Quartz

Abstract artist Brittanie (also known as artistrei on Instagram) embodies a makeup routine that you could say is pretty French inspired – meaning the bare minimum of eye liner, lip balm, bronzer, the occasional eyeshadow and foundation if she’s up for it.

“I suffer from clogged pores, so seeing how this foundation has dealt with worrying about mine is a major plus for me. I do get redness once in a while and pimples that comes out during the time of the month (which I am guilty of popping) – but the Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation reduces any redness that I have on my face!”

“While I don’t typically put on foundation or concealer everyday (mostly because I don’t want to clog my pores even further), I think the Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation is great for whenever I need an extra pick me up before I start my day. Seeing that I don’t use much makeup in the first place, this foundation is perfect for me.”

Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation & HD Pressed Powder Duo


2-in-1 cushion foundation that instantly hydrates while giving you a full-coverage glowy finish. Absorbs excess oil and controls sebum production by topping off with the High-Definition pressed powder, all in 1 pack!

Here’s Proof Volumising Mascara


A #SheByDC Favorite: Formulated to build and minimize clumps, the smudge-resistant and inky texture silkily coats each lash for volume and dimension. The innovative full-bodied brush engages with each lash while the tapered tip lengthens your corner lashes. Housed in a French-designed wand-like case to deliver an intensely volumizing effect to the lashes like magic.

Velvet Cloud Lipstick


Formulated with a delicate blend of oils that draws out an impactful opaque color and a silky-smooth finish that feels like water, the lipstick comes in a French-designed clickcase that pops the colors of joy.

Who says you have to go to France to don a classic Parisian makeup look!

Now that you are all caught up in the goodness that is Ange Garden Paris, now’s the time to maybe give their Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation a try and hop on the French inspired ‘less is more’ approach to beauty! (Your skin is going to thank us for it).

Psst… if you’re still here, Ange Garden Paris also has a line of glorious fragrances inspired by powerful men and women in history – think kings and queens who ruled kingdoms with grace and poise.

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