#SheByDC Review and Road Test: Fresh Floral Recovery Calming Mask on Sensitive and Sensitized Skin

#SheByDC Review and Road Test: Fresh Floral Recovery Calming Mask on Sensitive and Sensitized Skin

In the day and age of daily mask-usage, we might all know a thing or two about that pesky red spot that came out of nowhere, or sudden mask-ne breakouts. This on top of countless environmental aggressors that may or may not target your skin (ie UV Rays, dust etc)

These factors might make you think – has your skin condition changed? Has your skin grown more sensitive than before? Well, trust us when we say that is not entirely true!

First and foremost, we talk about the difference between Sensitive and Sensitized skin. While both conditions may manifest in similar symptoms, the reasons behind them could either be an underlying genetic condition or caused by the environment that we are exposed to day in and out.

Sensitive skin is a genetic/hereditary skin type that could be connected to non-related skin sensitivities such as allergies or asthma. It is a very common condition whereby your skin is slightly more reactive towards things like dust or dirt. On the other hand, Sensitized skin is an acquired skin condition caused by unpleasant triggers that can come from anywhere such as; harsh skincare habits (over-cleansing and use of acids), daily stress, exposure to extreme weather conditions + wearing a mask or even what you consume on a daily basis!

At this rate, your skin has been through enough as it is – Enter Fresh Beauty’s newest Floral Recovery Calming Mask – made to put your skin at ease!

Sounds like a total life saver doesn’t it? This is where we put it to the test! In collaboration with Fresh Beauty, two of our #ShebyDC girls took this mask out on a 28-Day Road Test, where we looked at how their skin had changed before and after applying the mask every night.

Moe Yin’s Skin Type: Normal to Oily, Acne Prone

With Moe Yin being a university undergrad, her life usually revolves around school – meaning hours upon hours in the school library to countless late nights studying. Add to the fact that she has to wear a mask throughout the day, her skin tends to break out + dry out more often than usual.

“Despite my busy schedule, I make it a point to prioritize self-care in my daily routines – I exercise because I love myself, I rest because my body needs it, I treat myself for the small achievements in my life!”

“I used the mask as an overnight fix to calm my skin, especially after I used exfoliants that contained salicylic acid, and I woke up with super moisturized skin in the morning! Over time I was so happy to see that my acne spots completely cleared up as well! I started off with a thick layer which was a bit much for me, but could visibly see results after applying a thin layer every night.”

Apart from it soothing my skin, I feel that the Floral Recovery Mask was more of an emotional experience for me – the meaning behind it aligns with my belief that skincare goes beyond the results but also the experience in using it. The scent went beyond calming my skin, but also my state of mind.”

Rate: 3.5/5 – Scent is everything! The Mask might be for drier skin types because of its intense moisture, but the scent was a big plus for me in making me feel pampered and calm! My acne scars were still pretty visible at the start but after applying a thinner layer every night, the inflammation went down tremendously, my acne spots cleared up and my skin did not feel as triggered as before!”

Grayce’s Skin Type: Combination (Oily on the forehead, Dry around the nose), Sensitive

Grayce leads a pretty hectic lifestyle and she’s an early bird too – she gets up early to get some work done before hitting the gym to make sure she gets her dose of exercise in! With her busy schedule, she keeps her skincare routine to a minimum (2 or 3 products at a time) just to make sure her skin doesn’t react badly to too many products on her face!

“I used a generous layer to let it sit overnight. I absolutely love the smell of the Floral Recovery Mask, it instantly calms me down after a long day and helps me unwind for bed! I do find that it has helped my sensitive skin too, by reducing the redness that I had on my cheeks.”

Rate: 4/5 – It did a good job soothing my skin and evening out my skin tone. I would like something even more moisturizing and with a brightening effect, but other than that it’s great! I would say to give it a go as an everyday sleeping mask. This Floral Recovery Mask definitely soothes tired and sensitive skin!

We all love a product that can deliver results, and the Floral Recovery Calming Mask is definitely one of them! Apart from using the Mask, we also recommend implementing some feel good habits during your everyday such as; eat well (maybe finding out what type of food suits your skin best), drink lots of water, maybe find a suitable sleep schedule (minimizing late nights as much as you can) – to calm and soothe yourself so that your skin can be at its the best too!

We hope this review helped you in learning a thing or two about the Floral Recovery Mask! Remember, the road to healthy skin is a process – embrace the journey and take pride in your progress! The end is closer than you think 🙂

This Review was made in partnership with Fresh Beauty

The Floral Recovery Calming Mask ($105, 100ml) is available online at fresh.com/sg
and in all Fresh and Sephora stores islandwide

Readers can enjoy 10% off their first purchase with promo code on www.fresh.com/sg

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