Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse +Little Mermaid-2 Black Characters Top Box Office!

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse and Disney’s The Little Mermaids deserves a round of applause! Both films this weekend took the one and number two spots at the box office. With the two highly anticipated movies helping the entertainment industry rake in over $250 million over the weekend.

Across the Spider-Verse opened domestically to a very impressive $121 million. Internationally, although low in China; it still churned out a whopping $88 million. This brings the total for Spider-Man and company to around $208 million! Yes, over $200 million in just a few days. Wild.

This is amazing news for many reasons. For one, there are already so many Spidey movies and stories already out there. In cartoon as well as live action versions. Yet, despite decades of Spider-Man cinema; there are still plenty of moviegoers primed and ready to see a new storyline and flick. So in a realm where people are saying superhero films are all flopping; this animated masterpiece is demonstrating otherwise.

Additionally, the lead character is black. In the past, unfortunately the film industry felt that black characters were basically “box office poison.” The overall thought and consensus was that black characters are not profitable; therefore, it’s not advantageous to green light projects with melanin characters at the helm.

Therefore, the wild success of Across the Spider-Verse in the US, as well as in various international markets; is helping to completely squash this long held notion. Skin color is not a sign that a movie will automatically perform badly. What matters is that a film has a great story and talented actors. This is the case with Sony’s latest Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse +Little Mermaid-2 Black Characters Top Box Office!

Furthermore, all of this success with a main black character is nothing new. Hidden Figures portraying black history at NASA put up numbers. Also, there’s Black Panther which allowed the ‘Mouse’ to collect a cool one billion dollars.

Moreover, to see another black main character doing well at the box office; all you literally have to do is go back one week. The Little Mermaid live action starring the gorgeous, Halle Bailey, put up some staggering figures as well. In just one week from the time of release, the film kicked its fins to a box office total of over $300 million! To read more about Disney’s TLM success click HERE.

Therefore, if you put the box office totals of Across the Spider-Verse and The Little Mermaid together; in just two weeks the film industry has amassed over $500 million. Yes, half a billion dollars. Now… does that really sound like box office poison to you?

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