Moncler’s Collaboration With Salehe Bembury Is Your New Summer Hiking Uniform

The Launch: Fashion News to Know This JulyLauren Kim “Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through these links.” We’re in the depths of summer, with temperatures reaching a fever pitch and the fashion is following suits. Another month of hot fashion news and collaborations is afoot, including the dreamy, […]

Kate Middleton’s striped sweater is giving quiet luxury vibes

Kate Middleton’s white tailored shorts and navy blue striped sweater combo is definitely giving quiet luxury vibes for summertime. Let’s be real – Kate Middleton always looks amazing, but her summer styles simply can’t be beat. From her vibrant Wimbledon dress to her bohemian sunhat, the princess certainly has a knack for knowing what summer […]

Queen Letizia of Spain wears Victoria Beckham at coronation reception

At a reception for overseas coronation guests last night, one look in particular caught the eye of style watchers: that of Queen Letizia of Spain, who paid tribute to British fashion and wore a slinky, lime green ruched-front dress by Victoria Beckham. Queen Letizia isn’t the first to have worn the piece, which was first […]

KIM DOLCE & GABBANA Calf-Length Dress in Jersey Milano Rib with Rhinestones on Ashanti! -Ask and tell

The Items: People are going to stare… so make it worth their while! Entertainer and songwriter, Ashanti did just that in the KIM DOLCE & GABBANA Calf-Length Dress in Jersey Milano Rib with Rhinestones. Whew… try saying that fabulous dress name five times fast. Nonetheless, fans spied the ‘always on time’ and stylish Ashanti in […]

Brawl ensues at White Sox game, security is hardly anywhere to be found

A huge brawl broke out at Saturday’s Chicago White Sox game for over two minutes with several spectators involved. Fists were flying all over the place before a woman was dragged from behind over a row of seats on the first-base side. One security guard attempted to make peace, while another pair of women threw […]

Save Your Coins, Just Brush for Whiter Teeth!

Is HELLO toothpaste for you? Well, let’s take a quick questionnaire to find out! When it comes to your current oral care goals; do you desire: Noticeably whiter teeth…like epic whitening Tantalizing fresh breath Plaque removal Toothpaste with no peroxide, dyes, SLS/sulfates or artificial sweeteners For your taste buds to be rocked … Well, if […]