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The best British menswear brands that make you kinda proud | British GQ

Sure we’re often attracted by what some of those really, really nice brands are doing overseas. But look to some of the best British menswear brands, and there’s much to be excited by on these ashen soggy shores. From King and Tuckfield and Percival to YMC and Studio Nicholson, there’s a whole roster of British […]

9 Male Celebrity Styles at the Dior Paris Fashion Week FW23 Exhibition

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 is currently attracting attention fashionista around the world. Rolling from January 17 to January 22, 2023, there are a number brands world famous who are scheduled to perform, one of which is Dior. Dior showed off its newest collection on day 4 of the Paris Fashion Week FW23 event which […]

#SheByDC: Are Cushion Foundations All It Takes For That Fresh Parisian Glow? We put them to the test with 3 different skin tones

In this month’s #ShebyDC, we invite 3 followers of 3 different skin tones and types to review a line of cushion foundations by Ange Gardien Paris to find out – is cushion foundation all it takes for that fresh Parisian glow? We talk about a delicate approach to Beauty as taken by French women, where […]