What Is Shein? the $100 Billion Fast-Fashion Company Explained.

  • Shein is a fast-fashion retailer that produces thousands of garments and accessories at a rapid pace.
  • In 2022, the company is worth $100 billion — more than its fast-fashion predecessors H&M and Zara combined.
  • Shein has faced mounting backlash from critics who allege that it uses questionable labor practices and contributes to climate pollution.

Shein took less than a decade to emerge from relative obscurity to become the dominant player in fast fashion and a favorite online shopping destination for Gen Z. But the company is as famous for its controversies as for the trendy, super-cheap clothing that it churns out to the delight of TikTokers everywhere.

In its latest PR stunt, Shein invited influencers to visit its innovation center in China. After posting glowing reviews of their trips, the influencers faced a lot of backlash for ignoring mounting accusations of questionable labor ethics and concerns about Shein’s role in climate pollution.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, here’s how it chartered a meteoric rise.