Why It’s So Common To Struggle To Relax

Why It’s So Common To Struggle To Relax

Relaxing is one of the nicest things in the world. You get to kick back and put your feet up, put on something nice to watch, snack on yummy foods and drink hot cocoa, and pamper yourself with lotions and face masks. Moments like these are the ones we all look forward to after a day’s work or over the weekend!

But when it comes to relaxation in the modern world, many people find it hard to disconnect and unwind. Relaxing becomes very hard to do – even when you try to take 10 minutes for yourself, you can find yourself getting frustrated and bored! So you give up and go back to being busy with something, or you feel like you’re simply wasting time scrolling through your phone.

Either way, you’re not relaxed at all! And that can leave you feeling even worse as time goes on. But if you’ve recently found that relaxing doesn’t seem to be for you anymore, you couldn’t be more wrong. There could be a variety of problems you’re dealing with; as such, we’ve listed some of the most common reasons you might be having a hard time relaxing below.

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Typical Relaxation Techniques are Too Boring

Consider the relaxation techniques listed above: do they sound a little boring to you? To many people they do! And that’s the number one problem here. Relaxing can be boring when you’re just supposed to lie back in a quiet room and sip a drink. But that’s the crux of the argument: if that doesn’t sound relaxing to you, do something else!

Some people will turn to products like Delta 8THC Vape Carts to help them get into that relaxed state, which is a good way to help yourself unwind when you really need to. Some people will open up a fast paced, action packed video game. Others will cook something delicious that takes a good amount of effort, as it’s an activity they can zone out and ‘just do’. And some will just have a nap and tune the whole world out.

You’re Still Dealing with Something Stressful

Being stressed out is nothing unique. But that doesn’t mean you should just put up with it! and ironically, there’s where taking time to relax comes in. And yet the amount of stress you’re carrying prevents you from being able to find peace in the moment, and thus the cycle continues.

Everyone needs to relax from time to time – that’s true. However, when you’re dealing with something stressful and/or you’re often having to distract yourself from negative thoughts and feelings, slowing down can be the opposite of what you need. So maybe it’s time to tackle the thing that’s making you stressed in the first place?

Whether you need to have an honest conversation with someone or work is becoming way too much for you, go through that heart pounding moment. It’s causing you a lot of stress and anxiety, and soon that may become too much to bear. Let’s stop this cycle in its tracks. Have someone there to support you if need be, but be sure to try and face down what’s getting in the way.

You’re Doomscrolling Too Often

Doomscrolling is an easy trap to fall into. You get online, go on social media, and suddenly you’re blasted with all these negative stories and opinions about the state of the world. you keep compulsively scrolling and keep finding more of these posts and about 5 minutes later, you’re feeling ten times worse than when you unlocked your phone.

Which is why it’s key to cut the phone, and any kind of social media connection, out of relaxation time. So if you’re constantly being ‘set off’ by the things you see online, that’s the first thing to throw out of the window. Turn it off for at least half an hour and really take that time for yourself, no matter what else you do instead. You’ll soon find yourself needing that social media connection less and less, and feeling more relaxed as a result!

Struggling to relax is something we all deal with. But if you find yourself never being able to relax, no matter what you try, it might be time to address a few things in your life. A relaxation session can be anything that helps you calm down and shake off stress, but always double check the points above when you find it hard to unwind.