Why You Need Make Up For Ever Powders On Your Vanity

I think we can all agree – powders have the power to make or break any makeup routine! too little? Your make-up fails to stay in place. Too much? There might be a cakey risk. Does it match what your skin needs? Let’s not go there. With so many options out there; texture, weight, shade and formula, it can be hard to establish what powder best suits your individual skin needs, which is why we are here to help. To elevate your already 10/10 makeup look, to an upscaled 11.

Once again, Make Up For Ever has blown us away – this time, with their array of multi-use face powders, made to target different skin types, shades and textures. Use them at home, on-the-go, before a big event or for your everyday, anyone and everyone can find a powder that best suits you and what your skin needs, to make it look FLAWLESS.

Bringing back our SheByDC community – we invited Shairah (Acne-Prone and Combination Skin), Yi En (Dry and Flaky Skin) and Shafiqah (Mature Skin), to test out how each powder worked on their specific skin types with some fun before and after’s!

Shairah (Acne-Prone and Combination Skin)

Recommended Powder Pairing = Ultra HD Setting Powder

Ultra HD Setting Powder Claims: Matifying, Anti-Shine, Color Matches.

With Shairah’s combination skin, her T-zone tends to gain a sufficient amount of oiliness throughout the day – which is why we paired her with the Ultra HD Setting Powder to see the results of a matified look on the skin!

Results: “What Oiliness?”

Shairah is wearing the Ultra HD Setting Powder and HD Skin Foundation in 2Y32

Shairah’s review:

“ A lot of the powders that I have used don’t really complement my concerns or my skin tone, and so my makeup ends up looking either too heavy, or runs easily. The Ultra HD Setting Powder does feel like a game changer for me, and I can see myself making this my absolute go-to!”

Perfect for: That Soft Glam

Yi En (Dry and Flaky Skin)

Recommended Powder Pairing = HD Skin Twist And Light

HD Twist And Light Claims: Glowy in a twist, Luminous, Skin-Blurring

Yi En’s youthful look comes along with slightly dry skin, especially post cleansing which is why she requires a hydrating skincare routine and makeup base to achieve the best results for her skin!

Results: “I love the glow!”

Yi En is wearing the HD Twist and Light and HD Skin Foundation in 2Y20

Yi En’s review:

“Sometimes I refrain from using glowy products just so I won’t end up looking too glassy (I prefer a subtle makeup base), but the HD Twist and Light gave me that perfect balance of a slight glow without over-doing it, but still giving me that hydration my skin definitely needs. Plus, the twist function makes it super easy to use and put in my bag if I ever need touch ups during the day!”

Perfect for: That GLOW

Shafiqah (Mature Skin)

Recommended Powder Pairing: = Ultra HD Loose Powder

Ultra HD Loose Powder Claims = Light Matte Finish, Smooth and Luminous

Shafiqah suffers from skin conditions many of us can relate to – scarring, uneven skin tone and texture across the skin. Some of it might be an ode to genetics, while other causes could include intense UV exposure, pollution and many other environmental factors that could pose as extra sensitive to certain skin types. When it comes to makeup, she likes good coverage while keeping it clean across the board.

Results: “Such effortless coverage!”

Yi En is wearing the Ultra HD Loose Powder and HD Skin Foundation in 2Y30

Shafiqah’s review:

“I can be self-conscious about my textured skin, but the Ultra HD Loose Powder makes it look completely flawless and clean, while still letting some of that texture shine through (that I have grown to love about myself). I have always wanted to give this loose powder a try for its matifying yet luminous properties so I am really glad I did because I think it is now a new favorite of mine!”

The Shade For You

Let’s not forget about the cult-favorites Make Up For Ever HD Skin Foundation – a perfect pairing as we like to call it, with all three of their face powders! Best part, if you’re not too sure on your shade, they have you covered with their in-built Shade Finder AI.

Here’s a quick how-to:

Step 1: Head over to Make Up Forever/Find Your Shade

Step 2: Fit your face into the circle until all 3 tabs give the green light

*Do not note that different types of lighting make a difference to your shade result

Step 3: Shades = Matched!

Step 4: Add To Cart!

We hope you enjoyed this review on Make Up For Ever’s range of face powders! Here’s to find the best products for YOU!

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This review was done in collaboration with Make Up For Ever Singapore.

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