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Diesel Continues to Make Fashion Accessible Again

Glenn Martens continues his longstanding reign as accessibility king, as he continues to make Diesel’s showcases open to the public. Following on from the brand’s super successful (and super democratic) Spring/Summer 2023 showcase, Diesel will once again open its doors to guests for Spring 2024, allowing fans of the brand, students and general members of […]

Top Fashion Stories of the Week: July 14

This week, the fashion industry’s top headlines brought designers to a variety of locales, including Wall Street, courtrooms, auction houses, football fields and runways. At the top of the list, Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS is reportedly engaged in a pre-IPO fundraising round from “mutual funds and family offices” that will value the only-four-year-old company at $4 […]

A Group of Artists Is Suing Fast-Fashion Giant Shein, Claiming It Used a ‘Secretive Algorithm’ to Identify and Steal Their Work

The Chinese online retailer Shein has allegedly used a “secretive algorithm” to identify trending art and steal the designs from the artists who made them to reproduce on its fast-fashion clothing. The revelation was made in a lawsuit filed by artists Krista Perry, Larissa Martinez, and Jay Baron filed in a US District Court in […]

Best ’90s Fashion Trends: Top 5 Styles According To Experts

In the fashion world, everything old is new again. That’s certainly true for the best ‘90s fashion trends. After all, 1990s style had big shoes to fill, especially when you think of the colorful and iconic fashions of the 1980s. (opens in a new tab)But ‘90s fashion is also memorable. The decade is responsible for […]

Fashion trends making a comeback and where to buy them

Breadcrumb Trail Links Style & Beauty Shopping Essentials From oversized blazers to chunky sneakers, we’re seeing trends from all different eras making a resurgence Published May 31, 2023 • Last updated May 31, 2023 • 4 minute read Styles that are blasted from the past. Photo by Floral Deco Reviews and recommendations are unbiased and […]

New Large Black Synthetic Moissanite as a Black Diamond Imitation 

When it comes to black diamonds, their rarity and high price make them an exclusive choice for those seeking a dark and mysterious gemstone. However, a new alternative has emerged in recent years: large black synthetic moissanite. This lab-grown gemstone offers a striking resemblance to black diamonds at a more affordable price. In this article, […]

1980s and ’90s fashion: Round-up of wardrobe choices that are trendier than ever

Fashion has a way of leaving the scene and making its way back around again. Often, it is celebrity sightings, pop culture mentions and runway moments that bring fashion trends back to life. Expired fashion trends from the 1980s and ’90s that you may have forgotten about have ultimately come back. COASTAL GRANDMOTHER STYLE: NEW […]

How Global Luxury Travel Trends Will Impact Fashion

Tapping into the touristic expenditure of wealthy consumers has long been a cornerstone of the luxury industry. In 2022, it was not just at home that Americans continued to shop — as pandemic-related travel restrictions lifted, shopping in Europe was made even more attractive to Americans bolstered by a strong dollar against the euro and […]

Camila Cabello Checked Off the Barbiecore and Sheer Dress Trends at Paris Fashion Week

Camila Cabello has completely elevated her go-to summer pieces to suit Paris Fashion Week. Don’t get me wrong, Cabello didn’t sacrifice her sense of style to fit in with any one brand or current trend, instead, she took her favorite items to the next level. For one: short shorts. In the summer of 2022, the […]

H&M, ASOS Shares Jump After Fashion Retailers’ Positive Updates Cheer Investors

By Dominic Chopping STOCKHOLM–Shares in H&M and ASOS were among the biggest gainers in Europe on Thursday as investors rewarded the fashion retailers for positive trading updates. Sweden’s Hennes & Mauritz reported fiscal second-quarter sales that were just shy of expectations as cold weather dented demand, but noted a good start to June, sending shares […]