NewJeans ‘Super Shy’ Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

NewJeans recently dropped another MV masterpiece called ‘Super Shy’ that exudes a light-hearted, colorful, and delightful vibe. But don’t let the name fool you – the girls were anything but shy when it came to flaunting their famous and adored sense of style. They showcased a diverse range of cute and feminine fashion choices that […]

STRAY KIDS – ‘S-Class’ (Hangul/Romanized Lyrics)

STRAY KIDS’ ‘S-Class’ MV was released on June 2, 2023, at 1:00 pm KST. Check out the song’s Hangul and Romanized lyrics below. Hangul Lyrics 여긴 Seoul 특별시수많은 기적을 일으켰지가려진 별들 사이 떠오르는 특별 별난 것투성이 변함없지번화하는 거리 거리거리마다 걸리적거리는 거Clean it up clean it up, get back겉만 번지르르 텅텅 빈 깡통Kick it kick it […]

SEVENTEEN ‘F*ck My Life’ Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

SEVENTEEN shook the music scene with their smash hit album ‘FML’ which came out on April 24. With the album featuring two lead singles, all eyes are on the music video for ‘F*ck My Life’ released on May 8, featuring the members in a diverse range of outfits as they sing about the challenges of […]

‘Crash Course In Romance’ Episodes 13-16 Fashion: Jeon Do-Yeon As Nam Haeng-Seon

Since ‘Crash Course In Romance’ ended with a bang, it is safe to say that the drama will be remembered for its ability to balance slice-of-life moments with ideal romance and bursts of thrilling suspense. But with every episode, Jeon Do-Yeon’s performance as Nam Haeng-Seon was a delight to watch, and her casual wardrobe was […]