NewJeans ‘Super Shy’ Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

NewJeans recently dropped another MV masterpiece called ‘Super Shy’ that exudes a light-hearted, colorful, and delightful vibe. But don’t let the name fool you – the girls were anything but shy when it came to flaunting their famous and adored sense of style. They showcased a diverse range of cute and feminine fashion choices that […]

From casual to elegant, Askennonia’s ‘fun’ fashion show on tap

‘This show is always fun and beautiful and has been a staple of Askennonia’s fundraising since 1992,’ the executive director says It’s a sure sign of spring. Askennonia Senior Center is hosting its annual fashion show May 16, beginning at 1:30 pm in the community hall at the North Simcoe Sports and Rec Centre. Judy […]